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The History Of The TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem


IBM Global Mobile Innovators Tournament Smart Homes Semi Finalists 2016
AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
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The History Of TechBubble Technologies

TechBubble Technologies was founded by Adam Milton-Barker, and began as a way to bridge the gap between the general public and technology, to share news about the latest cutting edge technologies, to help promote up and coming tech, and raise awareness of the importance of technology as we journey into the connected era. TechBubble was initially a weekly editorial in the Costa Blanca Newspaper, Round Town News, accompanied by the TechBubble Modern Technology & Innovation Blog.

This page will give you a break down of the history of TechBubble Technologies, and also explain the core services. For more info about our services, please checkout the How Does It Work Page


TechBubble Development

In 2014, TechBubble expanded and began providing hybrid web applications & content management systems (CMS), social media pages & applications, mobile & desktop applications and business administration systems. Over the following two years the platform evolved to include the development of Internet of Things devices & networks and Artificial Intelligence Assistants which marked the birth of the TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem.


TechBubble Technologies EU

The TechBubble Technologies EU Platform allows European businesses to manage all of their online systems, applications, IoT devices/networks & A.I. from one single location, making their day to day activities more productive and efficient.


TechBubble Technologies UK

In 2016, TechBubble Technologies Limited was formed, to provide modern technology products & services to homes and businesses in the UK, USA and the rest of world.


TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem

The TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem is made up of the following platforms:

The TechBubble IoT JumpWay and TechBubble Artificial Intelligence Assistants platforms provide IoT connectivity and the power of Artificial Intelligence to Techbubble Technologies EU, Techbubble Technologies UK and TechBubble Technologies USA, bringing powerful, modern technology to the platforms, and innovative solutions to our customers.


ARC, The TechBubble Technologies GUI

The core of the EU, UK and USA platforms is ARC, the TechBubble Technologies GUI. Through ARC, businesses can manage everything from their online content to staff, sales and many other day to day business activities. ARC is assisted by TIA, our Artificially Intelligent Assistant who has the capabilities of managing systems on the GUI. TIA can be interacted with via speech or text, and is capable of integrating into any business team.


Our Teams

Our teams have a vast range of experience in computer science, mobile/desktop and web development, the Internet of Things and A.I. / Machine Learning. We use these skills to create innovative systems that allow businesses to automate their world. In addition to businesses, we are also in the process of extending our services to the general public, in markets such as healthcare, security and home automation.


Our Products & Services

In addition to the IoT and A.I. products and services, Techbubble Technologies EU, UK and USA provide hybrid web applications & content management systems (CMS), business administration systems and CRMs, mobile & desktop applications, social media applications and pages and bespoke video design.

We provide off the shelf, modular products and services as well as custom solutions that can be tailor made to suit the requirements of any business.


Our Partners

TechBubble Technologies EU have recently partnered with Dragonstack & Taksa, to upgrade Europe with high quality servers and remote developer teams.

The TechBubble Technologies Team


Adam Milton-Barker

Adam Milton-Barker

TechBubble Director / CEO / CTO

Katerina Zalamova

Katerina Zalamova

TechBubble CMO - Business Development

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Global IoT DevFest

See You At Global IoT DevFest!


TechBubble Technologies founder, Adam Milton-Barker, will be giving a talk at the Intel Global IoT DevFest on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the Internet of Things, as part of his role as an Intel Software Innovator, presenting live from the 2017 WebSummit in Lisbon, where we will be demoing the Artificial Intelligence Assistants A.I E-Commerce Store and TASS project.