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{The Internet Of Things}

The Internet Of Things is an old concept, that is currently revolutionizing the way we live. The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a network of "Smart" devices known as "Objects" or "Things". These devices can communicate with each other through the internet, with or without human interaction, to provide services or carry out tasks at home or office, in the car and even inside your body.

IntelliLan devices include security and enviromental monitoring devices for homes and businesses. The IntelliLan IoT devices are powered by the IoT JumpWay, and managed via ARC.

The IoT JumpWay and IntelliLan IoT Networks

The IoT JumpWay is the core platform that allows developers & Makers to connect their devices and applications to the IoT. The JumpWay uses the most up to date IoT technologies such as MQTT, CoAP, AMQP and HTTP REST, (See Technologies for more info about the technologies we use), to provide robust API's enabling you to quickly and easily deploy private or commercial products to the IoT.


The TechBubble Technologies IntelliLan IoT Networks are business and home IoT networks made up of IntelliLan Devices. These devices are powered and managed via the IoT JumpWay and allow homes and businesses to build up secure IoT Networks. The IntelliLan devices are currently in development and not yet publically available, once the devices are released customers will be able to purchase devices to build up their home or business IoT network. Networks are created by purchasing Location Spaces where unlimited Zones and devices can be added to build up customized IoT networks that suit your specific needs.

IoT JumpWay Locations

All devices managed by the IoT JumpWay are added to Locations. You can think of a Location as an IoT hosting account for a single physical location. For example, you may want to build an home/office IoT network, to do this you would purchase a Location which would provide you with x amount of device to cloud / cloud to device messages per month and x amount of storage for your data. Location packages for both IntelliLan customers and JumpWay developers include a free tier and paid/custom packages which include higher levels to match your specific requirements.

IoT JumpWay Zones

Within each IoT JumpWay Location you can assign multiple Zones that represent specific areas of your Location. For example, if your Location is your home, you could add kitchen, lounge and bathroom as Zones. Inside each zone you can install and connect multiple devices via the IoT JumpWay which will allow you easily manage and monitor your devices via the various IoT JumpWay control panels and applications.

IoT JumpWay / IntelliLan Devices

Developers and Makers can create multiple devices and attach them to Zones within their Location Spaces. Once your device instances have been created in the Developer Dashboard you will be provided with access keys for the TechBubble Technologies IoT JumpWay MQTT broker and Rest API endpoints (CoAP and AMQP are currently in development). One you have your keys you simply download your chosen library from the TechBubble IoT JumpWay Developer Libraries, plugin your keys and away you go.


For homes and businesses, IntelliLan IoT Devices make up your custom IoT network. For IntelliLan customers connecting your devices to your relevant Locations/Zones is as easy as logging in to your account on ARC or one of our desktop/mobile applications and connecting the devices in your account to your chose Location and Zone. Once connected you can simply plug wired devices into your home network and they will auto configure onto the network or with WiFi devices you power them up, add your WiFi connection details and the platform will take care of the rest.

MQTT IoT Protocol
WebSockets IoT Protocol
HTTP REST IoT Protocol


CoAP IoT Protocol
AMQP IoT Protocol
IBM Watson Machine Learning

IoT JumpWay Developer Program

The IoT JumpWay Developer Program allows developers to integrate our services into their devices and applications. The process for purchasing Location spaces is the same as IntelliLan customers, once you have purchased your Location space you can begin developing devices and applications using the TechBubble IoT JumpWay Developer Libraries. The developer libraries allow you to white label the IoT JumpWay Platform for your clients and provide Account, Billing, Application & Devices libraries.


Internet Of Things Products

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ARC, the TechBubble Technologies GUI


ARC: The TechBubble GUI

ARC is the the TechBubble Technologies GUI, the central control panel that allows businesses to manage their TechBubble Technologies products and services.

ARC is assisted by TIA, the TechBubble Intelligent Assistant, an Artificially Intelligent Agent who has access to manage certain features of the GUI and systems. TIA acts as an artificial team member, able to assist her team with carrying out their day to day tasks.

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