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A.I. Hybrid Applications are Artificially Intelligent Hybrid Applications that use the power of machine learning to assist visitors to your TechBubble Technologies Hybrid Application. Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Applications are powered by TOA, the TechBubble Online Assistant, an A.I. Assistant designed to assist users on the internet. A.I. Hybrid Apps are the next stage in the evolution of online development. These unique systems provide an online presence that can not only be accessed on desktop devices, mobile devices and from within Facebook as Facebook Apps and Facebook Tab Apps, but also provide an Artificial Intelligence Assistant to help your visitors navigate your site and use its features.

The Artficial Intelligence features provide the following:

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Voice Recognition

  • Voice Synthesis

  • Recommendations

AI Hybrid App plugins extend your TechBubble Technologies Hybrid Apps with Artificially Intelligent assistance, if you do not already have a TechBubble Technologies Hybrid App you can choose from the AI Hybrid Packages category.