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Payments Terms & Conditions

Our A.I. E-Commerce Payments Terms & Conditions


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Payments Terms & Conditions

Below you will find the Terms & Conditions related to payment for products and services by TechBubble Technologies EU and our online store. Please see the bottom of the page for additional Terms & Conditions.


For all physical products purchased through our store payment is required in full unless specifically agreed by TechBubble Technologies EU. Upon payment of full amount or payment of arranged deposit, your items will be shipped.


For web, mobile, desktop. IoT and AI development services, a 50% deposit is due on confirmation of order. This deposit is none refundable. Upon payment of the initial deposit work will commence providing that all required information and materials have been provided to allow us to begin work. Final payment is due once the structure development is completed, this does not include textual content and images/graphics that has not been submitted to us in a timely fashion.

Once development/integration is completed and any outstanding amounts have been paid you may begin testing your new systems. Changes required that are the fault of TechBubble Technologies will be completed with no additional charge, additional work/modifications to work carried out will be chargeable at 30 eur per hour.


TechBubble Technologies operates as an online business, all billing and billing support is handled directly by the online account and support channels provided. Clients have access to the support ticket system via the online account, from here clients can create and manage support tickets for both sales and development enquiries. To make things easier clients can also respond directly to support tickets via their email accounts, for more information please see the documentation section which will explain each section of the TechBubble Technologies client account area and GUI's.


TechBubble Technologies accepts payment via PayPal or bank deposits/transfers. In the event of international bank transfers the client is responsible for any charges that may be incurred. The amount due issued on any proforma/invoice/instalment or renewal is the actual amount payable and must be received in full. In the case of bank transfers, whether local or international we recommend the service Transferwise, this service will significantly reduce the amount it costs to do local and international bank transfers. We retain the right to suspend or refuse to begin/complete work in the event that a payment is not satisfied due to bank charges.


We retain the right to disable any project and limit or remove access to the TechBubble Technologies GUI and/or external control panels in the event of overdue payments. Payments for proformas/instalments and invoices are due no later than 7 days after the date of issue.


TechBubble Technologies is the trading name of Adam Milton-Barker, NIE: X6927005A, registered as Autonimo in Spain. All payments to businesses located in the European Union are subject to IVA at the current rate of 21%, businesses outside of the European Union are not subject to IVA charges.

Businesses located in Spain are subject to retention at the current retention rate of 9%.

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