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retailAI is the future of brick and mortar retail stores, set to revolutionize and disrupt the retail industry. retailAI combines computer vision, natural linguistics, and e-commerce, to create a totally automated front of store experience.

In traditional retail stores, businesses employ a team of staff to assist visitors to the store, on a month to month basis, this becomes a very high expense to businesses. A typical front of store will have a large amount of stock on show, which over time can become tattered or broken, resulting in a large amount of stock having to be written off, and also increases the risk of theft.

retailAI eliminates the cost of excessive staffing, damages and theft, and provides store visitors with a unique shopping experience, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The retailAI project is a Hybrid Application promoting our new product in development, retailAI, an automated retail store powered by Artificial Intelligence.

As with all Hybrid Applications, the retailAI project is not only accessible on desktop and mobile devices, but also inside of Facebook as a Facebook App and Facebook Tab App on desktop devices.

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