A.I. E-Commerce Store

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AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
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A.I. E-Commerce Store



The A.I. E-Commerce Store is an Artificially Intelligent E-Commerce system that provides a unique way to sell products and services, providing an easy to use GUI and an Artificially Intelligent Agent to assist visitors and customers.


TOA, the TechBubble Online Assistant is able to assist visitors and customers by helping them navigate the hybrid app, providing helpful information about the pages and features of the app, information about products and services, and helping them add items to their cart, checkout and manage their account. Users can interact with TOA using their voice or using her interface to send questions or commands to her. TOA comes pre-trained with the ability to assist visitors and basic communication skills, plus store owners can train her and mold her to respond in the way that best suits their business. TOA is built into the core of the store system, meaning that the store itself is Artificially Intelligent.



You can find out more or order the A.I. E-commerce Store on our main website by visiting the Artificial Intelligence E-Commerce Starter product page.




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