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IBM Global Mobile Innovators Tournament Smart Homes Semi Finalists 2016
Hackster / Arduino / Microsoft World Maker Challenge First Phase Winners
AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
Intel / Microsoft / IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon Intel Experts Award Winners
Intel IoT Dev Fest: A.I & Machine Learning in the IoT
VIEWS: 411
VIEWS: 148
Demonstrating TASS PVL & A.I. E-commerce Store @ WebSummit Lisbon
VIEWS: 354
IoT JumpWay
VIEWS: 289
ARC, the TechBubble GUI
VIEWS: 131
TASS Autonomous Sight System
VIEWS: 304
IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon
VIEWS: 270
Bespoke Video Design Videos
VIEWS: 369
Event & Competition Videos
VIEWS: 728
Home Automation Workshop National Institute of Technology in GOA
VIEWS: 266
TOA Online Assistant
VIEWS: 346
A.I. E-Commerce
VIEWS: 350